Psychology Consultants have recently partnered with ‘Charter for Compassion’, a global movement focused on cultivating compassion around the world through various networks. If you feel inspired to join the Charter for Compassion movement, please visit the website and start spreading the good word. It’s free to join! 

Dr Stan Steindl, Clinical Psychologist and co-director of Psychology Consultants, sits on the Australian Advisory Board of ‘Charter for Compassion’ and is passionate about the cause. Dr Steindl regularly writes on the topic of compassion and below you will find a list of articles he has composed.

Compassion’s place at the boarders: A response to Andrew Bolt

Courage: The Heart of Compassion

Having your heart in the right place

Compassion: The Secret Ingredient to Corporate Success

Tackling Social Isolation- During Mental Health Week 5-12 October 2014

A new outlook, a new way to connect, introducing the Compassion Network…

Is Compassion Too “Touchy Feely” For This Competitive World?

Inside Out: A movie of the mind, a move with a heart.

Compassion and Happiness: Its not just about what you could or should do its about what you will do

The Daily Compassion Audit:A Self-Check to Minimise Inadvertently Causing Suffering to Others.

The Modern Leader: Introducing The Alpha Plus

Leadership in Action=Compassion in Action 

Self Compassion to Lessen Body Image Concerns and Eating Disorders


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