Practice What We Preach- Towards a Bully Free Community

By Clinical Psychologist, Cherie Dalton 

Cherie Dalton “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better”

Abraham Lincoln

Today, schools across the nation wave their orange flags in a nationwide movement against bullying.

Friday 21st March marks Bullying No Way Day, an event that takes a very positive step towards a healthier and happier community.

As a nation we are actively stomping out anti-social, negative behaviour towards children in the Australian school systems, recognising the long-standing effects it can have on their self-esteem, development and mental health.

ç€ÀSo while we encourage such positive values of social inclusion, kindness and acceptance in our children, perhaps as adults we should take a moment on Bullying No Way Day to consider the same ideals. In essence, let’s practice what we preach, in our workplace, in the community and at home.

Let’s be aware of our body language and tone of voice. Is it opinionated, judgemental or offensive?  If we can all hold our opinions and judgements just a little more lightly and learn to practice assertive communication, we can avoid a lot of ill feeling, while still supporting what we believe in.

Let’s approach situations and relationships with curiosity, openness and understanding.

Let’s take a child’s untainted view and welcome difference and diversity and the richness it can bring.

Let’s practice compassion as a foundation for how we treat others.

Let’s set the right example as adults for our children. These ideals just might help to extend our awareness of relationships and the part we play in creating a community that enriches us all.

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