Did you know over 1.2 million Australian’s suffer from a sleep disorder?

If you form part of this statistic and would like to do something about it, our Towards Better Sleep group programme could be a dream come true! The next programme commences on 26th September at our Morningside practice. insomnia5

The sleep improvement programme has been effectively treating insomnia and other sleep disorders for over 10 years. It focuses on education, behavioural techniques, relaxation strategies and correcting faulty thinking.

By teaching practical methods and techniques to promote better sleep, past participants have reported significant improvements in their sleep behaviour and the way they think about sleep.

Experienced Clinical Psychologist Kathryn Smith and Sleep Specialist and Psychiatrist Dr Curt Gray facilitate the program that is held in groups of nine people or less.

A group setting has proven to be an effective way to treat sleep disorders by offering participants the opportunity to share their stories, and learn from the experiences and ideas of other insomnia sufferers. The setting still remains private and confidential but allows the therapist to treat patients in a more cost effective way.

A GP referral is required to participate in the programme, which costs $90 per session and is subject to a Medicare rebate.

If you are interested in participating in September programme, please phone our Newmarket office 07 3356 8255  or email tbs@psychologyconsultants.com.au to register your details and speak with your GP about a referral.

For more information visit http://towardsbettersleep.wordpress.com

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